The monkey style is very demanding and always assumes that its opponent is much larger and stronger. It compensates for this by making attacking him very difficult.

The monkey leaps, flips, jumps, climbs and rolls to avoid its attacker. A monkey attacks from unusual angles, side stepping and elbowing, striking with the back of the forearm and using hook kicks to tease their opponent into making rash decisions.

The monkey style is thought of as un-usual but effective. Monkey Kung Fu is famous throughout Northern China for it’s tumbling technique, continuously changing foot work and accuracy.Monkey stye was developed by a martial artist with a bad temper, Kao Tze was imprisoned for killing a fellow villager, his prison gates were guarded by monkeys who so impressed Kao Tze with their fearless fighting that he developed the style around them. He noted that the monkeys all fought differently and with this in mind he created the 5 monkey system. The Drunken Monkey, The Stone Monkey, The Lost Monkey, The Standing Monkey and finally The Wooden Monkey.