The movements and applications of the Dragon system are dependent on the use if Chi.

Chi is a substitute for muscle strength; for example a tiger stylist would break a rock with sheer force and technique where as a Dragon stylist would shatter it using Chi projection. The Dragon has played an influential role in Chinese culture and is thought of a source of true wisdom, spirit and holds a god like status. The stretching and twisting movements of the Dragon style were part of the exercises in the Shaolin Temples where students were taught to strike hard, block accurately and “stomp” into each position, in stark contrast to this the dragon style also consists of low sweeping techniques.

Dragons have the bodies of snakes with lizard like arms and legs with sharp claws. The head of the dragon is similar to that of a serpent. Considering its heavy influence in Chinese culture, this mythical creature was perfect  to represent one of the Shaolin animals.

Dragon students are taught breathing techniques to help the Chi circulate and enable the body to be relaxed and flexible. A culmination of Chi and technique can give devastating results. Dragon practitioners can use their whole body as a weapon from kicks and blocks to the fingers tips, changing direction to give the illusion of appearing and disappearing.