The Praying Mantis is described as silent and determined. Although it is a very physical system it is a high end system.

The mantis warrants prominence because of its extreme efficiency. Despite the fact it is hand orientated and lacks the power and the unique leg movements of dragon, it is versatile and overpowering.

Mantis was first developed in the 1700s by a fighter named Wang Lang. He supposedly developed it specifically to defeat the monks of the Shaolin Temple. The story goes that Wang lang decided to test himself against the monks but failed in his first fight. He then devoted years of his life developing the mantis fighting system so as to defeat them. The monks adopted the style as their own. The Mantis style uses a combination of sophisticated deflections, counter attacks and grappling movements combined with monkey-like footwork.

The fundamental strategy of mantis is to wait for an opening then tie the opponents arms with grappling techniques and strike the soft areas and nerve center's. The praying mantis style was developed with one sole purpose in mind; destroying the enemy.