The Eagle Claw system of Kung Fu was developed by General Yao Fai, it is said he became one of China's most famous war heroes using an army renowned for their discipline.

There is very little known about this system of fighting but is without doubt a very effective style. The Eagle is a vicious ripping style with the bulk of its moves directed against the eyes and throat. It relies on powerful seizing of its adversaries, with pinching, twisting and locking techniques, manipulation, controlling and aggressive kicking techniques to immobilise an attacker.

The Eagle Claw system is a very complex and vicious form of self-defence using strength, speed and aggression (Yang) with grace and elegance (Ying).
The Eagle Claw stylist works hard on developing their grips to facilitate application of very painful locks and nerve pinches. The Eagle relies on wits and techniques to beat an opponent and can appeal to a practitioner who is neither strong or large in structure.