The snake practitioner must be able to look inside themselves and feel peace and tranquility, nothing should distract the snake.

Snakes are conspicuous predators that have intrigued humans through the ages and it is only befitting that the snake is one of the seven animal styles. The snake style uses an upright, mobile stance and relies less on the horse stance of other styles. The mobile stance allows for rapid movements and quick, side stepping foot work.

Using fast alternating hand jabs, the practitioner drills at their opponent, counterattacking and driving home their attack. The snake uses its body to compensate for its lack of limbs, it coils its body then raises it head into an attacking position from where it can strike at its adversary with precision and speed. The snake remains calm and relaxed and is said to possess far more Chi than the other animal styles. Snake uses hard and soft principles in its form using the fingertips and palms to strike with extreme force. Attacking quietly and calmly. The style is soft and flowing expecting practitioners to be flexible and have clarity of thought.